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NOTE FROM COACH P: The time has finally arrived. My book is now available for purchase on Amazon. Please go on buy a wonderful tale of four incredible families overcoming a ton of obstacles.

Young people are not disposable regardless of the melanin in their skin.

Samuel G. Puryear, Jr. was blessed to meet Brandon, Shelton, Willie, Eric, Rod and their families, who lived in a crippling, drug-infested, dysfunctional environment in Atlanta’s East Lake neighborhood. Amid the blight shone two beautiful golf courses, which helped change their lives and shaped an entire community.

Samuel tells the astonishing story of social injustice, a false accusation and its conceivable impact, and how their resilience met with youthful naivety enabled these kids to blossom into wonderful adults. Their journey of overcoming adversity allowed a bevy of dreams to come true, although some arrived hobbled and bandaged.

Diamonds in the Rough was written to serve as an example to other youth and families. Success is often dressed as a stranger, but upon closer inspection, it is only our reflection in an unpolished mirror. This empowering book shows that faith, inspiration, and hope are innate to each of us.



“I’ve known Sam for many years to be a tireless worker and mentor who has shaped many young lives through golf. He has a real passion for the change and growth that occurs when young men see and achieve greatness.”
—Chris Tucker, comedian/actor

“The story of the young men in this book is an amazing firsthand narrative of how the game of golf helped shape the lives of people in a positive way. This story highlights the perseverance of young people overcoming some incredible odds.”
— Conrad Ray, the Knowles Family Director of Men’s Golf at Stanford        University

“Sam motivated me to be a better person and a better golfer. He had a unique way of challenging me to succeed in all phases of life. I’m most thankful for my growth as an individual under Sam’s leadership.”
—Ryan Brehm, PGA Tour player, former Michigan State University golfer