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A Golf Mom’s Perspective: The Jr. Golf Journey

Being a Mom of a prospective college golfer is not easy.   You are not only your child’s biggest cheerleader, secretary, dietitian, chauffeur… but also the one in most cases that is standing on the 18th green waiting to support them after a good or a bad round.   You...
Emerging Golfers: Colin Ajidra

Emerging Golfers: Colin Ajidra

Note from Sam: this is a golfer from Uganda that I have been working with. Proud of his accomplishments. Golf Hustler Ajidra Seeks Higher Ground in USA By Phillip Corry Amateur golfer Colin Ajidra is a true believer of late Rap star Tupac Amara Shakur and his fondness... is Now Live on the Internet

Our new website for college golf recruits and those looking to take their golf game to the next level is now up and running. Please check it out at Sam Puryear spent two decades coaching college level golf and then continued on to create a career...