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Being a Mom of a prospective college golfer is not easy.   You are not only your child’s biggest cheerleader, secretary, dietitian, chauffeur… but also the one in most cases that is standing on the 18th green waiting to support them after a good or a bad round.   You have driven 3-4 hours, booked a hotel in a city that may only have a few choices for a “nice” hotel,  tried to find a healthy option for dinner, loaded and unloaded the car, made sure the coolers were filled with cold drinks and healthy snacks, reminded your child to check his golf bag to make sure there were extra balls, gloves, etc. It is rewarding and I could not imagine doing anything else, BUT I can not imagine doing it without the help of Sam.

There have been many times when my dining room table has been filled with schedules listing tournaments all over the U.S. and trying to decide which ones to play in.   Again without Sam’s help weeding out the tournaments that are “not that impressive” in the eyes of a college coach is invaluable.

Then there is the dreaded college golf resume that has to be updated often – basically after every tournament, and selecting which excel spreadsheet is the most impressive to use?    Every website lists a different version, but still the question remains, which one is the “perfect one”.  I also still have to be cognizant and remember not only your child’s results for the tournaments but the yardage, par, location, score and every basic detail that ordinarily seemed rather innocuous.

Please don’t forget the plethora of follow up your child has to do with the coaches. The calls and emails can be overwhelming.  How can a 16 year old keep up with all of this in addition to golf practice, tournaments, AP classes…. and yes their social life.   That means that us parents need to help do this.

We also can’t  forget the NCAA guidelines, which change often like the seasons on college recruiting.    They have changed at least three things since we started this process.   Sam keeps up with all of that for you.

If you are one of those parents who can do all this without help CONGRATULATIONS!    I applaud all of those that can, but for the hundreds of us Moms/Dads that are multi tasking helping our children with college recruiting while working and taking care of other children in the family and keeping the house going strong….. this is where I can say without hesitation THANK GOODNESS for Sam Puryear!

Sam will be your child’s 2nd biggest cheerleader and supporter.   He will be the person you call when you want to pull your hair out because your child missed a 1 foot putt for the third tournament in a row.    He will also be that person you call when you child qualifies for a big national tournament because together you have helped them get to this point.   He will laugh with you and laugh at you (in a good way).   He will listen when you have told him the same thing 10 times.   He will also keep every conversation confidential – which in the world of recruiting is key for your child.   He will go to bat for your child with college coaches and be happy to make phone calls to them on your child’s behalf.   He will call/text your child after a good round to congratulate them and after a bad round to encourage them.

So if you are looking the take some of the stress off of your shoulders in this mind boggling world of college golf recruiting I would highly recommend Sam.    His services are invaluable.   And although you never know what the future holds for your child I can truly say that we would not be where we are today without Sam.